Thursday, 5 July 2012

Coa Café's home made baking & cooking, yummmm......

Another great one in the series 'Where to hang out in Kyoto' is Cao Café near Karasuma Oike subway station. Although you maybe would not expect home made baking and cooking from the contemporary looks of this cool cafe, you better believe it. Believe, because this café is something you don't want to miss when visiting Kyoto. The architecture as well as the interior design are minimalist, no no nonsense and hip as well as smart. Just a long sized space, beginning with a bar, ending in a wider space where café dwellers can lounge. All through the length of the building the traditional shape of a 'Western' house is maintained, although combined with some very Japanese aspects. For instance the black paneling combined with the white walls, the use of natural wood, and even a coat rack with a strong resemblance to a toko-bashira. The design of this wonderful space is by architect Tsujimura Hisanobu (I'm a fan now by the way).

Coa Café Ishikawa worries about the outside as much as the inside it turns out. And that the inside of their customers! If you tried one of their cookies, or sweet dishes, you will keep coming back for more. Everything you find on the menu is home made, and that is obvious in the taste. Just try their signature dish 'Cao Cocoa' and you will beg for more once you finished the last chocolicious bite. Please do take a cappuccino with that, because they will throw in some 'latte art' with an ease like it's Sunday morning all the time.

And it's not even all the yummy sweets that they're good at, they know their way around the savory stuff just as well. It's no restaurant, so don't expect to sit in for a full course dinner, but do take that crispy pizza or that fine hamburger and you won't be sorry, I'm certain. Itadakimasuuuuu!!


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! The photo collages you have are beautiful and it is very cool to see daily life in a different place. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hello, have you tried the bar on the left of Cao café? It's called Yamagino, after the owner. It doesn't look like anything from the outside, but I highly recommend you to go there...I've had some amazing experiences there. I love cao café, but the café next door is on the same level of quality, but in a total different architectural direction. Don't miss out on that one ;-)


    1. Hi José. I did not have time unfortunately, but I think I know which one you mean. Next time I'm in Japan I'll put it on my wish list :) Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi there! I love your blog because of your interesting post.

  4. It looks so cozy and seeing this homemade cookies makes me crave for more chocolate chips cookies.

  5. This gives me idea on my upcoming business. Thanks!