Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kyoto artDive #06, Art Festa with a high cuteness factor

Miyako Messe seems to offer Kyoto quite some different events to replenish the cultural and creative hart. I've attended a traditional crafts fair, kimono exhibition, and an antique books fair was held I wanted to attend to. This weekend, Kyoto Art Festa was held, the 6th artDive. Personally I'm not completely sure I would call the works on show art. But at least a lot of creative minds game together and offered a whole range of kawaii (Japanese for cute). For art with an 'A' I would recommend ART Kyoto. See my article about this event here.

Whatever the term used, it doesn't matter. There was something for everyone at artDive #06 with 220 booths and 330 creative people selling their works. There were paintings, 3D art works, jewelry, T-shirts, candles, wind chimes, wood craft, bags, furniture and lot's of illustrations! There was even an ARTs*LABo Postcard Exhibition, with 1000 postcards to choose from. So everyone literally could take home a little piece of art. Next to the Postcard Exhibition was the 'Sakura Exhibition', showing 230 Cherry Blossom pieces. A project to market and attract more international interest to the young and upcoming artists. Japan would like to attract the worlds attention to their artistic talent as Japans cherry blossoms already do. It was a great showcase of Japans illustration talent!

The talent on showcase was wonderful but I would have liked to see a bit more 'cool' and attitude. A big fan of kawaii articles myself, I wouldn't have minded for diversities sake to see some vinyl toys for instance or more booths with big art works. This time the girly girls ruled big time with small works, I hope autumn will deliver a little more 'swagger'.

Apart from art work already finished, Live Paint Booths gave a very interesting view on the creators method of working. Which was completely different for all of them. I especially liked that the booths were so conveniently placed opposite the artDive café. A perfect place to enjoy a B.L.T. and ice coffee and watch the art works come to life.

If you missed the artDive on May 19th and 20th, you don't have to wait for a year. The next will be held this autumn, October 20th and 21st. Would you like to go, here's a link to the website.

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