Friday, 13 April 2012

Where to hang out in Kyoto; Café Japonica

Right across from subway station Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae, down a couple of steps, you can find urban hip music store and café Japonica. The music store has some great vinyl, but for me it's all about the drinks, and the crisps!
In Japan it is no easy task to find a bar where you can have a few drinks and just relax for a bit. Well, at least not without having to eat lunch or dinner as well. Probably that's a European habit of spending leisure time. Therefore Japonica is a real treasure for those that would like to have a drink and lounge for a few hours with the local Kyotites.

Two drinks in Kyoto can set you back ¥ 1000,- or more, wether they are soft drinks or alcohol. An amount for which you can just as easily buy yourself a simple meal. So happy hour at Japonica is a welcome treat, if your money doesn't grow on trees. Enjoy your regular draft beer, or wine for half the yen from 15:00 till 18:00 o'clock. Only during weekdays. I would surely recommend to get a plate of Japonica crisps to go with your drink.

Japonica was an instant favourite and not in the least because of the relaxed atmosphere set by the friendly hosts. The style of the basement where the café is situated is pleasantly simple. Wooden tables and benches and soft padded chairs on one side, the bar opposite runs for almost the whole café and the music store in set in the back. Japonica even has live music almost every week, sometimes for free. For more information, see their website.
Or better yet, just go and have a drink, kanpai!

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  1. This place looks great. I will have to check it out next time we are in Kyoto. Thanks for sharing!