Sunday, 15 April 2012

Innovative new wine concept store 'Cave Tanakaya'

Just opened on March 1 of this year, I was lucky to come across a wonderful new wine-concept-store, called 'Cave Tanakaya'. The owner and wine connoisseur Tatsuya Tanaka is justly very proud of his innovative establishment. Cave Tanakaya looks like a tiny wine bar, featuring large sized 'pub style' tables. One table is placed outside, and who wouldn't want to enjoy a glass of wine in the sun?
Although it looks every bit a wine bar, it actually is a wine cellar and store. But not the average store where the collection of reds, whites and sparkles are up on the shelves for you to ponder over. Tanaka san thinks differently about selling wine and let's you taste first, so you can make a  well-grounded decision. This might sound like an expensive undertaking, but actually you can get yourself a great wine upward of ¥ 1000,-. As said in my previous post, this amount get's you two drinks in a regular bar, so why wait? Try a tasting at 'Cave Tanakaya' and you might even get as lucky to enjoy a tasting in the sun.

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  1. Fantastic place for all wine lovers... Go go go!