Saturday, 9 June 2012

Is 'stacking' the new planking or owling, or does someone need an anger management course...?

An surprising sight welcomed me when visiting Takarazuka this week. There was a huge pile of bikes in front of the station entrance! Someone must have gotten his (or her?) nerves racked for a loooooong time I imagine…. In all likelyhood someone looking out on the 'disorder' of bikes in the street every day. Or someone traveling to the station EVERY morning, getting more frustrated day by day with the bikes blocking his path.
It must have taken quite a while to built this 'artful stack of anger'. Rage gave this person some extra  strength too probably, it's no small feat to be piling all these bikes on top of each other!

If you're wondering what happened next, a few hours later I passed by again on my way home. And this time I was treated on maybe an even more astonishing sight: a whole squad of policemen cleaning up the mess, looking worried, and literally wiping the bikes down with a cloth!

(Sorry I did not take a picture of the policemen, I thought it respectful not to.)

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