Thursday, 5 April 2012

Yayoi Kusamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Just turned 83 years old in March of this year, Yayoi Kusama must have been working like a mad woman the last few years to get the work for this exhibition ready. And it's worth a visit. If you're quick, you can still catch her at the National Museum of Art in Osaka till April 8th 2012. The exhibition is called Eternity of Eternal Eternity, a world premiere for some of her works.

Kusama represents contemporary Japan with a wide variety of media, what she has been doing since her early teens. That is over 70 years now! An impressive and renowned international career not only in painting, but she is specially famous for her sensual performances, light installations and expressive sculptures using patterns and repetition as a recurring theme.

A big fan of patterns and repetition myself I was absolutely floating on a tiny cloud of happiness after visiting the museum. Lucky for me, my favorite part of the exhibition I was able to capture. Like the polka dot tulips, the famous yellow Pumpkin and of course the 'mushroom' sculptures already welcoming you outside the museum. The paintings were of boundary to photograph. They do not speak to me as her other work does, but the energy they radiate is impressive. What absolutely did grab me was an environmental installation, like the ones she is famous for. A mirrored room, hung full of glowing lights, changing colour to infinity. Because it was rather busy each time a group of 10 people was aloud in the box, with the door closed. But in 10 seconds maximum you had to be out again. Last in, first out (me). Even with in this very short time span it was mesmerizing and exciting to be enveloped by her work. So much I was tempted to get in line again, only the queue just got longer. So instead I enjoyed the rest of the works and floated outside with a big smile on my face.

Link to the National Museum of Art, Osaka.

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